The Each One, Teach One Radio and Music Conference is Pittsburgh’s one and only home-grown music-tech- radio conference. Admission is open to the public. This event brings together incredible array of musicians, arts advocates, policymakers, technologists, media representatives and industry figures to discuss issues at the intersection of music, broadcasting, technology, and policy. Your participation in these conversations has been and will be crucial. Our past conferences were held on the campus of Carnegie-Mellon University and the Bloomfield-Garfield Activity Center.

Interested in participating as a sponsor, presenter, panelist or vendor? Contact us at: eachone_teachone-pgh@outlook.com


The Black Music Education Project is a not-for-profit organization founded by Kevin Amos. The organization was established in 1995 to meet these objectives:

1. To support and encourage the training of aspiring apprentices with world-class potential into the higher techniques, philosophy, creation and application of African-American Arts and Cultural traditions with the unabashed goal of producing future generations of legends in the tradition.

2. To identify and present role models which represent the finest examples of the art form or cultural tradition to the community at large.

3. To support the establishment of local organized repositories for traditional and craft knowledge in African-American Cultural Traditions gathered and assembled through field research, oral history, and the cataloging and archiving of contemporary and heirloom collections and artifacts.

4. To encourage the practicing of archiving for the purpose of the preservation and accessibility of resource material for future generations and to provide a mechanism for the non-commercial publication of archival material for educational purposes only.

5. To expound commentary on the impact and influence of the oral tradition, propose parameters of excellence, and promote the study and exploration of source traditions toward the stimulation of interest in society at large and the edification of future generation of African-Americans.

6. To unabashedly challenge any and every system or proposition presently established or otherwise put forth that disparages African-American art and culture with scholarly and formidable opinions to the contrary.

7. To vindicate the African-American Source Traditions via public debate or writings challenging any proposition that infers that there is diminished validity or trivial meaning deriving from the African-American world view and to advocate its universal relevance to the human experience.


We here at the Black Music Education Project like our colleagues in the Black Rock Coalition, AACM, Afro-Punk.com, Soul-Patrol.com and other groups, support all forms of Black Music . In addition we oppose racist and reactionary forces which deny Black artists they’re expressive freedom and economic rewards.

The BMEP also produces a weekly music program on Black Music called “One to One/H. Dread Show with Kevin Amos. “One to One/ H. Dread Show” is a Sunday morning tradition for Pittsburgh radio listeners.


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